Jagapur Lodge

Jagapur Lodge

Jagatpur Lodge by Annapurna
Jagatpur Lodge by Annapurna

Jagapur Lodge, a safari and luxury resort where you fall asleep listening to the wild beings and wake up very early just to see who came to drink water across the stream. Your experience shall be unique in this extra ordinary territory where you face the enchanting Chitwan National park at its best.

As you sleep surrounded by woods under the highly protective tent, you wake up feeling part of natures’ own amphitheatre. This rare combo of nature acquantince and best of luxury is a life time memory you shall remember and crave to repeat again.

About Jagatpur Lodge

Imagine drifting to sleep in a wild setting

Imagine drifting to sleep in a wild setting under 7 layered comfortable luxurious tent and waking to morning birdsong with crocs, rhinos and deers across a stream. Seven guest tents at Jagatpur Lodge are arranged in a clusters directly facing the Chitwan National Park. All tents feature private baths and a warm, welcoming décor that reflects the jungle elegance reflecting the luxury available only for Royals and Elites. Jagatpur Lodge and its surrounding enjoy a rich and storied surrounding which combines safari adventure, indigenous locality and mythological sagas. From the area’s Ramayana roots, to the 1930s when it was favorite spot for hunting by Royal families, to its role today as the monumental conservation poaching free national park – Jagatpur Lodge embodies the natural beauty of greenest destination.

Luxurious Tents –Experience the Jungle in Tented Luxury

Our tents are spacious (650 sq. each) and luxurious at its best. The tents are directly facing the jungle with the view of animal activities from the bed itself. Sunset viewing is a life time experience from the tent deck itself.

Deluxe Rooms-Experience the Jungle in Deluxe Comforts

There are 5 blocks with 4 rooms in each building. Balcony offers a view of garden in the day time and the heavy mist surrounding these blocks make you feel like you are among clouds while on the balcony at early morning during winter. These rooms offer the best view of resort landscape through tall trees and bushes around.

Contact details of Jagatpur Lodge


Jagatpur, Chitwan, Nepal


If you need the best rate of Jagatpur Lodge, you can either call me at 00977 98510 24915 or e-mail me at anil.blon@natrajtours.com.np


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